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Brief introduction of round crushing, picking, and strapping machine

black pourn,The round straw harvester and baler machine integrate shredding, picking, and bundling. It has the advantages of small size, lightweight, compact structure, convenient operation, and high work efficiency. This machine can also harvest standing corn stalks, laid corn stalks, and corn stalks in the field after the combined harvester harvests.

sarla bhabhi,It can separately complete the harvesting, picking, and bundling of various dry and wet straws. During use, we can adjust the length and size of the bundle according to the needs of transportation and storage. This machine is an ideal agricultural machine for the fuel supply and storage of straw power plants. And also is a good helper for large-scale breeding enterprises.

round crushing, picking, and strapping machine

Applicable scope of the round silage,straw, stalk harvester, and baler machine

Corn, rice, wheat straw, alfalfa, Leymus Chinensis, reed, cotton stalk, corn stalk, wheat stalk, the land before harvest, land after harvest, etc.,hotsexfilm

The structure of the forage crushing pick up baler

2g1c,The machine includes PTO, crushing mechanism, picker, feeding mechanism, bundling mechanism, and other parts.

video ww xxx,1. PTO: Connect to the tractor through a splined shaft (8 keys). First, start the tractor. And then transmit the power to the machine through the spline shaft.

hd big butt,2. Crushing mechanism: The crushing mechanism of this machine breaks up the straw first.

hd xxx baby,3. Picker: The picking mechanism picks up and lifts the crushed straw into the feeding platform.

4. Feeding mechanism: The feeding mechanism feeds the straw into the baling mechanism.,new sex mp4

seducing dad,5. Bundling mechanism: The piston and the baling chamber of the bundling mechanism compress and form the straw.

structure of the forage crushing pick up baler

The working process of the silage cutting, picking and bounding machine

stripchaat,Firstly the machine kneads and crushes the straw first. After that, the material is thrown to the auger under the inertia of the machine. Then the auger pushes the material to the feeding port. Then the feeding fork sends the material into the compression chamber of the baler. Finally, the warehouse is hydraulically opened and bundled. The bundled forage is convenient for transportation, storage, and further processing. The machine is suitable for use in various farms, pastures, and various straw recycling sites.

How does the corn stalk crushing pick up and baler?

The power output shaft of the tractor inputs the power to the input shaft of the strapping machine through a Cardan shaft. After that, the sprocket and chain drive the rolling and pressing roller mechanism and the grass picking mechanism respectively. Then we use the tractor hydraulic output interface to control the expansion and contraction of the cylinder piston to realize the bale unwinding operation.,allie nicole

Working video of silage, straw, stalk harvester, and baler machine

Parameter of the automatic grass harvester and baler machine

ModelRecovery width(mm)Work efficiency(acre/day)Power(/ml)
Parameter of the automatic grass harvester and baler machine

Characteristic of the round stalk crushing, picking and strapping machine

1. There are two picking widths, which can adapt to different width operations.,locanto.com

first anal,2. The compression mechanism is located on the upper part of the pickup mechanism. Therefore, the width of the equipment is smaller for the same picking range. It is more convenient for small field operations. The overall layout is more reasonable.

3. The four-wheel tractor is used for positive traction operation, and the operation is stable.,hot sxe com

teachet sex,4. There is a safety clutch work with a power input part. The main drive shaft, compression device, and rope binding device are all working with safety bolts. When the system load is too large, the bolts are automatically cut to cut off the power transmission of the tractor. So that it can protect the system from damage.

Advantages of the straw cutting, picking and strapping machine

1. It can harvest straw, hay, wheat straw, alfalfa, and other cereal stalks, with a wide range of applications.,hot sxe com

alohat ube,2. The machine has a simple structure, low failure rate, reliable work, easy operation, small bundle shape, and easy handling.

3. Because it is a hang-up method. So it is suitable for small and medium horsepower tractors. Therefore, it has good flexibility, especially in small plots.,eroticgirls

4. After the bale is formed, the hydraulic system of the tractor controls the oil cylinder to open the rear frame and spit out the bale.,bbw nude

hd xxx baby,5. It has easy maintenance, a low failure rate, good reliability, and high bundling success rate.

6. The feed opening of this machine is wider than other models. It can solve the transportation and storage problems of straw for the majority of farmers and professional households.,xxx ii

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