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The Overview of corn grinder machine


Technical parameter

Model 9FZ-280
Capacity 300-500kg/h
Weight  60kg
Size 530*420*440mm

The advantage of grain grinder

  1. Very fine flour. The grain processed by the corn grinder machine is very fine.
  2. You can choose different models and capacities according to your requirement. We have many types of this kind of machine, and you have many options towards it.
  3. Wide application. The raw material can be maize, rice, corn, beans, wheat, etc.
  4. High capacity, great performance, and easy operation.

The Working Video of Disc Grinding Mill

1.It is a disk mill grain grinding machine.
2.The inner structure.
3.Round screen and disk plate are two important parts.
4.The raw materials are various such as pepper, sorghum, wheat, star anise, etc.
5.It is a corn grinding test site
6.Pour the corn into the inlet.
7.Machine is working now
8.and can be driven by a motor.
9.Machine runs steadily during operation and is favored by farmers from different countries.
10.The final corn powder is very fine and can be used to feed animals.
11.Its capacity is 300kg/h, and it is very suitable for home use.
12.Screens can be changed according to the size of different crops.

The successful case of grain grinder

In April 2019, 1000 sets of corn grinder machines are delivered to Nigeria, which costs us one month to produce all the machines. Actually, we have cooperated many customers with this customer who orders machine from us as long as there are any demands.,dag sex com


  1. What is the capacity of magic mill wheat grinder?

This series of machine has many different capacities, and you can customize it according to your needs.,pron indan

  1. What is the raw material?

maize,rice,corn,beans,wheat.,pornhub sec

  1. How is the crushing effect?

Crushing effect is very good, and you can get very fine flour.,very big xxx

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